Sun Aire Lines

Borrego Springs Sun Aire Lines

date: 05/2018
source: Clemens
Bruce Kelly classification: Sun Aire Lines-USA: Design 1
swaps: 0


Q: As a non native speaker I can only guess the nature of the joke. Can you explain me please?

A: Yeah it’s a weird one and kind of a stretch. Starting off with Wyatt Earp who played a significant role in the United State’s early western years so the name is familiar to most Americans. “Erp” is sort of the spelling of the sound associated with vomiting or rather catching yourself before doing so. So combining that with the first name Wyatt but changing the spelling to “Quyat” and using the “Qu” to push it even further towards meaning “Quiet” which it already sounds like. So really the bag is asking you to Vomit Quietly as not to disturb the other passengers on the plane. Especially since a lot of folks will vomit if they hear/see/smell someone else doing the same.

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