Barf bags?  Sickness bags are known under many names: air sickness bag, waste bag, barf bag, motion sickness bag and so on. Whatever you call it it’s still a bag that can be used for various reasons. Later I’ll try to list all the names in different languages.

What’s going on here?  This website is dedicated to sickness bags. You meet them while travel with airlines, on trains, buses, boats, basically everywhere where you can possibly experience motion sickness.

Where you’ve got all this stuff?  I started my collection back in 2005 and here are represented only those items i already have. My friends and relatives help me to get new bags while they travel around the world. Thank you, guys! When travelling I have to choose new airlines whenever possible. Sometimes i trade bags with other collectors.

Barf bags collection, really? First, items in this collection has never been used. Second, I’m not the only barf nags collector, there are dozens collections around the world. I suppose this is the first and only air sickness bags collection in Russia, represented online. If not I’ll be happy to call it “yet another collection” and make friends with fellow collector.

What’s this site for?  My collection growth and i need to systematize it and have it handy at any time that’s why i need this online catalog. My friends often ask me how’s my collection going, from now on they could get to know about it even on a distance.

What’s next?  You don’t expect somebody to vomit in-flight nowadays, right? Thanks to all the improvements to travel comfort, air conditioned cabin, no exhaust gasses around and so on people are less vulnerable to motion (or air) sickness. But it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t use such bags when necessary. That’s why one of the goals i set is to tell carriers how they can improve passenger’s comfort with just a bag and how can they benefit from it.